Digital Spy trend: people who want to be on Downton Abbey

Ed Williamson

19th April 2012

Every bugger and their dog wants to be on Downton Abbey, according to Digital Spy. We rounded them up and, well, just looked at them for a bit really.

A recent trend I noticed when perusing Digital Spy's archives of pulse-fingering TV news is one whereby someone announces a desire to be on Downton Abbey, and more often than not has no earthly hope of actually achieving this. Here are the most recent headlines to this effect.

But on refreshing the page I noticed that even more stories of a similar nature began to appear at the top, almost as if several people had simultaneously declared their desire for a part in the show, or indeed as if I was just making them up as I went along.

The more I read, the more I became convinced that the only true winner here was Keeley Hawes.

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