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Is this a Thor poster?

Is this a Thor poster?
Find out with this handy, sarcastic flowchart...
The collective film-blogging community were minding their own business yesterday - mostly making tenuous links between A-listers and the new Star Wars movie - when this curious poster hit the net-waves:

That's just the problem with these damn teaser posters. Sometimes they're so subtle, you can't even tell what film they're for. Well, I won't play any part in this obscure viral marketing campaign - I want straightforward answers.

Many immediately jumped to conclusions and linked it to Thor, but there's always the danger that these people are all hopped up on Marvel pills in anticipation of Iron Man 3. Is there really any evidence to support the theory that this has anything to do with Thor? Luckily, we've created a handy flowchart to use for such an occasion:

So there we have it. It probably IS a Thor poster. Now does anyone know whether it is for the original or the sequel? Because, really, it could be for either one.

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