Jurassic Park Week: Remember before Weird Al was extinct?


24th September 2011

Remember the days of the parody song? I can still recall buying 'Star Trekkin' by The Firm and helping it get to #1 in the UK charts. But did you know Jurassic Park had its own Weird Al Yankovic parody?

You've got @SebPatrick to blame for this one; a Weird Al uber-fan who took time out from running his Yankovic fan-page to send us the below video: Weird Al's 'Jurassic Park' take-off. It's a parody of Richard Harris' Macarthur Park and it has plasticene dinosaurs? Just imagine what he could have done with Schindler's List given the chance.

RAWR! This week on TheShiznit.co.uk is Jurassic Park Week, because it's my favourite film ever and it's getting a limited theatrical re-release on the 23rd September. Be sure to pre-order the Blu-ray boxset, which is released on 24th October.

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