Listen to us rage some bullshit


7th March 2013

By which I mean, listen to us take part in the incredibly fun, movie-related, quiz show podcast Raging Bullshit, and not just listen to us talk incessantly about random crap. Actually, thinking about it, those two things are exactly the same.

It's been a while since anyone from this site has appeared in audio form and made available to download from the Internet. Unless you count Luke uploading songs under his angst-ridden folk alias Dr. Heartburn. But we're back! Back on someone else's turf.

I actually listen to very few podcasts: our friends Sam and Simon with their excellent Picturehouse Podcast first and foremost, whatever Kevin Smith files I can grab from his constant stream of chat, and maybe a Mayo & Kermode or two. But then we were invited on Raging Bullshit and it has given me a new, additional aural pleasure to look forward to each week.

Hosted by Quizmaster General Joe Cunningham, and with producer Rhys on knob-fiddling duties, Raging Bullshit is a show in which contestants from in and around the film-blogging circle answer hypothetical movie questions - topical or otherwise - with points being arbitrarily awarded depending on how much Joe likes each answer. Imagine if QI, Mock The Week, Have I Got News For You and Nevermind The Buzzcocks all got mashed together into some secret podcasting entity - now throw that monstrosity away because this isn't like any of those at all and is about MOVIES and TV and stuff.

So, if you have never listened to the show before, let our debut appearance below serve as an introduction. And if hearing me win points by making fun of dead celebrities and pointing out typos doesn't do it for you, well then you had better hope we get invited on a highbrow podcast discussing cinematic techniques and the auteur theory. Actually, no – we'd definitely turn that down.

If this tool doesn't load properly, you can listen to the podcast here.

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