Pacino Phil Spector HBO biopic to be totally serious thing

Ed Williamson

29th January 2013

"No Al, we know the hair's consistent with Spector's. And ... yes, no, we know it's an outward indicator of his fractured psyche, and ... yes, we ... uh-huh, but we ... no, but the thing ... no, but Al? You know LittleBigPicture? And you know how their standard banner images are 145 pixels high? It's just ... I mean, how are they going to fit the ... Hello? Al?"

All jokes aside, though, it's going to be a proper thing with proper

issues and everything, and it'll be a serious examination of how a man who has obviously teetered on the brink of mental instability throughout his life was

indulged by the recording industry and how his power within it meant his increasingly outlandish behaviour went largely unchecked, resulting ultimately in


I give up. Maybe this video will be a bit more OH GOD IT'S JUST HIM SHOUTING

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