Ten things Back To The Future Part II correctly predicted about 2015

Ali Gray

4th January 2015

Did you hear? This year is the year in the future that Marty and Doc Brown travel to in Back To The Future Part II! How crazy is that?! OR IS IT? CRAZY, I MEAN? It turns out Actual 2015 is a lot more similar to the 2015 of Back To The Future Part II than you might have thought! And cue generic feature!

The scene at 01:28:44 in which Marty McFly turns to camera and says 'Planes will fall from the sky, the Korean tyrant shall reign supreme and Madonna shalt release a new album' proved to be startlingly accurate.

The Gray's Sports Almanac correctly predicted that footballer Steven Gerrard would leave Liverpool for a career in the United States, also correctly predicting the birth of a footballer named Steven Gerrard.

Much like the holo-cinema predicted, Jaws 19 is indeed due to be released in 2015, providing you're one of those people who doesn't care about those so-called "facts" you hear so much about these days.

Although modern CGI could never hope to reach this unrealistic standard.

Doc Brown uses science for his experiments, much like the way modern scientists still use science for all of their experiments.

Hoverboards are now available in shops unless you're too poor and can't afford one, in which case I feel sorry for you man, check out my sweet new hoverboard! (*sprays sand in face of reader with expensive hoverboard*)

As you can tell from his purple silk dressing gown with golden trim, Biff Tannen appears to be a Ukip supporter, accurately predicting the rise of Britain's cuntiest political party.

"Vote Farage, Butthead."

Robert Zemeckis was correct in assuming that the year 2015 would follow 2014 in the calendar, which no one could have possibly known for certain back when the movie was made in 1989.

When Doc Brown exclaims "Great Scott!" that could feasibly be construed as him referring to Scotland voting 'No' in the Independence Referendum, although that's clutching at straws and the vote was held in September 2014 but really man, I've got ten things to file here and it's getting late so cut me some slack, Jesus.

In one of the movie's future timelines, George McFly dies after contracting the Ebola virus [citation needed].

As in the movie, people in 2015 dress like twats.

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