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Tobias Fünke's meatiest leading man parts

Tobias Fünke's meatiest leading man parts
We love Arrested Development here at Shiznit Towers, love it with all our hearts and several other organs. So when news of a film was finally confirmed, it set in motion the part of our brains that connects TV with movies, and the result was this question: what would it be like if Tobias Fünke was a successful actor, and for some reason his Hollywood career was littered with tenuous links to things that happened in the TV show? Well you'd probably end up with movies like...
Blowhard 2: Blow Harder

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Being Dr. Tobias Fünke

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The Leather Daddy

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Gothic Arsehole

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Analrape That

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Too far?
Bonus! Here's an extra one I added today, because I was high or drunk or something, whatever. Enjoy!

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Posted by Grix at 23:23 on 22/10/11
These are just glorious Luke
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