Win Malcolm in the Middle season one on DVD

Ed Williamson

24th September 2012

Win a thing you can actually enjoy in the comfort of your own home, unlike the Homeland Imperial War Museum thing, which was ace but it basically required you to live in London. You should live here anyway though. We've got a big ferris wheel and everything.

Out today on DVD for the first time in the UK is the first season of Malcolm in the Middle, the hit (I say hit; I'm assuming really) US sitcom about the one normal kid in a dysfunctional family.

Throughout the season Malcolm gets into scrapes with ... uh ... a dinosaur, and ... Judge Dredd, and ... OK, none of this is strictly true. I've only seen about six episodes so far, but I'll watch more before I review it later this week, I promise.

In the meantime, all's you've got to do is click here to win yourself one of three copies we've got to give away. Oh, and answer a question easier than falling off a log. Without the effort of getting up onto the log in the first place, which is actually quite tricky, especially if it's been raining. Anyway, it's easy.
Malcolm in the Middle: The Complete First Season is out on DVD for the first time in the UK, September 24.

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