All hail FilmDrunk: every single Steven Seagal bone break


22nd March 2011

I have a unique physiological reaction to how awesome this video is.

If, for some ungodly reason, you have never sampled the delights of writer Vince Mancini and, then you've been missing out on the funniest damn movie blog on the whole damn internet. Many times, I've thought of what I considered a funny idea, then gone to FilmDrunk and not only seen they've done it first, but done it far, far funnier than I ever would have too. It's depressing, frankly. I hate that guy.

FilmDrunk's latest success is this supercut of Steven Seagal, featuring every single bone he's broken in his 20 year career. That's a lot of broken bones - he actually has a wing named after him at his local hospital (just kidding, it's at the morgue). Bear in mind, these are bones broken by Seagal's characters, not the man himself - or, more accurately, his stuntman. The last bone Seagal actually snapped was covered in chicken and hot sauce.

Head to FilmDrunk to see all these jokes and more, told far more effectively. (*sobs*)

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