Big Momma's House 3 is sign of impending apocalypse


3rd September 2009

The best week of Martin Lawrence's life continues.

Hot on the heels of the rumour that Bad Boys 3 is imminent, here we have news that's sure to brighten up Martin Lawrence's weekend even further. According to Variety, Fox have hired a writer to pen yet another Big Momma's House sequel.

Because sometimes, reviews like, "The least necessary sequel this side of Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo" and, "You'd have more fun poking out your own eyes" just don't hammer home the point hard enough.

Laugh all you want (and we're guessing that's not very much), but both Big Momma's House movies have pulled in a combined $304 million at the US box-office (*cocks shotgun in mouth*). It's that tried and tested, Eddie Murphy patented formula: unfunny black American comedian + fat-suit = box-office alchemy (*takes safety off*).

How could Martin Lawrence's week get any better? Coming soon... Black Knight 2: Black Harder!


Starring two Oscar nominees plus Teddy from Hang Time

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