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Did you spot the easter egg in the poster for Pixar's Brave?

Did you spot the easter egg in the poster for Pixar's Brave?
I did, I did!
No time to check if anyone else has already found this, because it's too cool not to share immediately: I found the bear from Pixar's new movie Brave on the poster. The movie tells the story of Scottish Princess Merida (Kelly McDonald), who must defeat a giant, snarling bear as part of her quest to discover her own independence. And there it is, on the poster.

Look, see?

Can't see the bear? Mouse over to highlight and click for a close-up

And if you think I'm clutching at straws, then here's some early concept art for Brave, which shows the bear a little more clearly.

I'm probably not the first to spot it, but it's probably new information to a lot of people, and it's always cool to spot little treats like this. One of the many reasons I love Pixar to little bitty bits.

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