Drunk-driver upsets Steven Seagal


1st January 2010

Steven Seagal vs. Mouthy Drunk-Driver. Round one.... FIGHT!

If you ever doubted that 'reality' cop show Steven Seagal: Lawman was going to be a barrel-ful of awesome, then this clip will sneak up on you, break your arm and yell "WHO SENT YOU?"

Let's set the scene. Seagal claims he's an honorary member of his local police force and fights crime between filming and raiding the craft services table. Thus, reality TV show Steven Seagal: Lawman was born, and described by one wag as, "Like COPS, but if Steven Seagal was one of the COPS."

Here, his unit has pulled over a drunk driver, but all the martial arts training in the world couldn't prepare him from a verbal beatdown. The level of sass coming from this perp is off the chart. In the end, Seagal actually looks dejected. Damn.

Don't listen to him Steve, he's not worth it! Has he got his own energy drink? Has he appeared in three films with the word 'Justice' in the title? Has he written a song called 'Alligator Ass'? No! Turn your frown upside down: they just called lunch.

Clip courtesy of Gawker

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