First set pics of The Kung-Fu Kid


18th September 2009

Forget nostalgia; the eighties are dead, forget about it. Time to move on to the new millennium and all the eighties movies that are being remade, like The Karate, erm... The Kung-Fu Kid, starring Jackie Chan and Will Smith Jr.

SpoilerTV have lived up to their name and snapped the first shots of The Kung-Fu Kid, the Jackie Chan-starring re-tooling of The Karate Kid, with Jaden 'Will Smith is my pater' Smith. I hope these are simply rehearsal pics, otherwise the costume designers are so fired.

I love Jackie Chan's patented brand of martial arts comedy (somebody please make Rush Hour 4 - Brett Ratner ur mi HERO) but he's no Pat Morita. Incidentally, what does Mr. Miyagi do in his spare time?

Wax off.

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