Highlander gets rebooted


24th September 2009

There can be only...two? Yet another film is receiving the "reboot" treatment as Summit Entertainment announces that Highlander is due to be chopping heads in cinemas again soon.

Summit has issued a press release stating that the new movie (expected, of course, to kickstart a new franchise) will be directed by Justin Lin, the man behind the last Fast & Furious movie. And the one before that too.

But before we start worrying that Highlander will go all Tokyo on our Drift, good news comes in the way of the script - Iron Man screenwriters Art Marcum and Matt Holloway have been announced as the film's scribes.

I know what you're thinking: "What?! How dare they?! The Highlander films are...oh, pretty shit actually". Despite two fairly successful TV series, the only decent Highlander film is the original, and even that hasn't exactly aged well.

And while Justin Lin's involvement screams "style over substance", I can't think of a film series that is more deserving of a reboot.

As long as he remembers to focus on the mythology as well provide some slick action, we could have the makings of a new decent franchise. I mean, sword-wielding immortals - what's not to like?

Now who to cast? Considering the original had a Frenchman playing a Scotsman, and a Scotsman playing a Spaniard/Egyptian, we probably shouldn't worry so much. Besides, they were all aliens anyway.

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