Late obit for Zippy, George and Dalek

Matt Looker

10th June 2011

The death of voice actor Roy Skelton has rendered Rainbow’s Zippy and George, as well as a few Daleks, literally speechless. Oh what? What?

The excellently named Roy Skelton has passed away at the age of 79. He was best known for providing the voices of Rainbow nuisance Zippy, Rainbow Gaylord George and Doctor Who nemeses the Daleks (throughout 1967-1988), but considering his surname, he unfortunately never voiced the villain in He-Man.

He also had a few roles in live TV shows like Z-Cars and The Bill. Basically, the kind of programmes that your parents will swear are best thing that have ever appeared on their magical box of colours, but mainly because they’ll shit themselves if they ever saw The Wire.

Anyway, it’s a sad thing to acknowledge that Rainbow’s most confusing characters will never sound the same. In tribute, here is Skelton’s finest moment.

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