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Movie news round-up: Bond baddies, bin babies and begorrah!

Movie news round-up: Bond baddies, bin babies and begorrah!
Ali is away this weekend, so I've been tasked with trying to fill his spacious shoes - a job made nigh-on impossible thanks to nothing remotely interesting happening in the world of movies recently. At least it'll be difficult to get a knot in these velcro straps.
Looks like the snooze button has been pressed on the 24 movie, as scheduling conflicts and alleged salary disputes have brought a halt to Jack Bauer's big screen debut.
Shiz-fave Jurassic Park is getting the 3D treatment, with a July 2013 release date already on the cards. I love Jurassic Park, and the dreaded 3D post-conversion was always going to happen eventually - but so soon after the re-release? Still, I've never had a chance to watch it with a splitting headache and weird white specks spinning around on the screen before, so thanks for the opportunity!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has used his personal tumblr page thing to release the first images of himself in crime sci-fi Looper. In the film, Levitt plays a time-travelling hitman assigned to assassinate *dun dun dunnn* his future self. Although he doesn't know that yet shhh nobody ruin the surprise.

Click to view larger

Click to view larger
A TV spin-off of Mel Gibson's history-twisting Braveheart is allegedly in the early stages of development. With Rome, Spartacus and Game of Thrones all knocking about in recent years, I can't help but be reminded of the first 24 seconds of this:

Believe it or not, a real live group of human beings who don't have brain damage and are from this plane of existence thought The Garbage Pail Kids would be a good franchise to get the reboot treatment.
Alex 'Bill S. Preston Esq.' Winter has weighed in on the possibility of a Bill & Ted 3 in an interview with MTV:

I think the reality is there probably will be another one ... The movies were always about rock and roll ... That was a big part of the movies, so [we’ll explore] what’s happened to rock and roll in the last twenty years.

The movie’s gonna get in and play with some of that stuff. Where’s rock, where are we, what’s happened to the whole idea of saving the world, or what hasn’t happened?
Depressingly, Winter and his co-star Keanu Reeves only have about four years to make this happen before they'll both be in their fifties. The script and - more importantly - the soundtrack need to be so amazingly spot-on and not just a bunch of nods and winks to the earlier films, otherwise it'll be more embarrassing than an uncles-only barn dance.
USA Today have some new screenshots from Adam Sandler-voiced Hotel Transylvania. By some I mean two. See one below and the other one right about here.

Apparently something called Mandrake The Magician was a thing from the 1930s, and now Warner Bros. are making a movie out of it. One for our octogenarian demographic to get excited about.
Here is the first image of Javier Bardem as Skyfall villain Silva, courtesy of Total Film:

Robert Rodriguez has announced at the SXSW festival that Sin City 2 will be shooting this Summer, and will be based on Frank Millers' 'A Dame To Kill For', as well as two other stories that are currently sitting unpublished.
And finally; Metro have some photos of Steve Coogan and Anna Friel looking a bit glum on the set of Michael Winterbottom's porn empire biopic The King Of Soho. Here is one. News!

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