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Movie poster round-up: Ceremonies, Shadowy Games and an apology

Movie poster round-up: Ceremonies, Shadowy Games and an apology
Aaaand just in time to qualify as a weekend round-up (unless you live in the States of course, aka 'The Devil's Timezone'); here's the best and worst of this week's movie poster offerings. Well, mostly the worst.
These 3 banners for John Carter (of Mars) prove the old adage that in space, everybody can hear your squeals of delight at Mars space kittens.

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The joke will be on sarcastic poster naysayers everywhere, when Uma Thurman arrives at the Ceremony premiere and it turns out she does actually exist in a different visual spectrum to everyone else in the film.

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Not being funny, right; shouldn't Will Smith's poster in this pair for Men In Black 3 be inverted - what with him being a black man and all that? Most of Kenneth Branagh's dialogue in Wild Wild West was based entirely on that fact.

So guns can go off when your finger isn't even on the trigger now? I've got a feeling Steven Soderbergh's Haywire is going to be more of a 'Jonathan Creek Mystery Theatre', than a 'Jean-Claude Van Damme Murder Factory'.

It may look odd for Watson to be pressed right up behind Holmes in this poster for Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows, straddling him like a gymnast - but this happens all the time when we go to the range. Ali says it's the only way he can aim straight.

Is Tim & Eric riding a wolf in this poster for Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie a crafty reference to Bella's sex life in the Twilight series? No.

A new batch of posters for Journey 2: The Mysterious Island is available, but each one is a crime against nature in its own right so I've decided to feature just these two. The first shows a hopelessly perplexed Michael Caine riding a massive bee whilst being chased by what looks like a giant evil jay bird. The second is an apology for the first.

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