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Saturday morning reader submission: The Nicolas Cage Avengers

Saturday morning reader submission: The Nicolas Cage Avengers
I wouldn't normally do this, but I had an email from a reader in Brazil this morning containing a picture I couldn't resist sharing with you.
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Usually when I get emails from readers, they're either bemoaning my lack of respect for the Twilight franchise or asking for a writing job, apparently unaware that the number of typos in their email immediately disqualifies them from the non-existent position. But this one was different.

From: Matheus Candido

"Hello, I'm a regular reader from Brazil and I love your posts concerning Nicolas Cage, THE LEGEND.

I made myself a mash-up poster of the Avengers and the Legend himself.

I'd like to know if this may end up becoming a post and somehow reaches Nicolas Cage, lol."
Looks like Matheus knows us pretty well, I'd say. I figured I'd have a look at his picture and humour him, but OH MY GOD, this is amazing and I can't believe we didn't already think of it. Behold: The Nicolas Cage Avengers.

Click image for full-size picture

So... beautiful... should have sent... a poet... The facial expressions are so perfect (particularly the Hulk) I'm almost lost for words. So, thank you for your picture, Matheus Candido from Brazil. I'll do my very best to make sure Nicolas Cage sees it, and lols.

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