Singer wants to return to X-Men


12th October 2009

Bryan Singer has said that he is in talks with Fox to return for another X-Men movie. Presumably because he has discovered it is easier to tell a gay allegory with mutants than with Nazis.

Talking at film festival panel discussion in South Korea, Singer said:

"I'm still looking to possibly returning to the X-Men franchise. I've been talking to Fox about it...I love Hugh Jackman. I love the cast."
If this news had come straight after X2, then we could shrug and smile to ourselves that the world is still rotating to a natural order, but Singer's got a lot to make up for now.

Not only did he abandon the X-Men franchise to 'save' Superman from development hell, and consequently, plunged him into mediocrity, but then he unleashed a goose-stepping Maverick on an unsuspecting audience.

And that's not all; Brett 'Rush Hour' Ratner was so pissed at having to pick up the pieces from Singer's ditched X-Men 3 movie that he did a crap job of it and killed off half of the main cast. Fuck you, Bryan Singer! See how you like your precious mutants now!

So with Singer returning to the franchise, will we get a direct follow on from the last movie, rendering it even more redundant? Or will he blindly throw a dart and see which of the many character origin stories he can hit?

Of course, with a Battlestar Galactica film already suggested for Singer (officially the worst idea in Hollywood at the moment), and various other projects up his sleeves, this may all be talk and will just blow over.

If not, I'll be locked in my room with the glorious White House opening to X2 on repeat, praying to a big gay/mutant/Nazi god that Singer can recapture his former brilliance.

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