Turns out Inception was all in Scrooge McDuck's head


4th August 2010


Something was bugging me about Inception, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it until now. Of course: it's so obvious! The entire movie is based on a concept lifted from a Disney comic-book featuring feathery miser Scrooge McDuck! It's Movie Thriller 101!

I kid, of course. But the similarities between Chris Nolan's mind-bending journey into consciousness and Donald Duck's attempts to stop the Beagle Boys from stealing Scrooge's gold are alarming. The comic, which you can read by clicking the image below, was printed in 2004, round about the time Nolan started plotting Inception. How convenient.

Remind me to pick up the next issue of The Beano. Today's Minnie The Minx is tomorrow's Oscar winner after all.

Click the image below for the full, thrilling comic

Obviously I can't let this opportunity go by without posting the most disturbing thing on the entire internet.

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