Vanilla Ice to host DIY home improvement show

Matt Looker

3rd June 2011


Vanilla Ice. If there is ever a more ridiculous joke of a man, I don't want to know about him. The white rapper, whose real name is Robert Van Winkle (no, seriously), and who recently struck out on Dancing On Ice, is now adding 'DIY show' to his impressive list of Ways to Lose Credibility with Everyone Everywhere.

But it's not some kind of stunt career move. Oh no. Vanilla Ice himself says:

This is real. This is no reality show. This is real, it's got content. It's not just some celebrities acting like jackasses in a house - it's real, it's informative. It's entertaining and it's a good family, mainstream thing that also shows people that, you know what, there is hope out there.
Yessir, there is hope out there. Hope that you'll be crushed under debris after knocking down a structure-reinforcing wall. And, by the way, saying "This is real. This is no reality show" is kind of a contradiction in terms.

The show is called The Vanilla Ice Project but there's no word yet on when it airs in America, let alone if we'll get to see Mr Winkle at work here in Britland. Here's hoping though - I'll have more bloodlust watching this than when Takeshi's Castle is on.

Vanilla after his first brush with a power tool.

HASTY UPDATE: While this show was announced in August of last year (and covered by us here), this is the first time the douchebag rapper has had anything to say on the matter. So it’s still worth reporting. Just.

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