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7th January 2011

Looks like we bribed the right people, because - that's us - has been nominated for Best Overall Blog in the 2011 Total Film Movie Blog Awards. Warning: shameless self-promotion ahead.

2011 has been a pretty top year for so far. Edgar Wright retweeted our Top 20 movies of 2010 rundown, then Armando Ianucci retweeted our free 2011 poster quotes (one of which has already been snapped up by News Of The World scribe, Robbie Collin). In our book, that makes us FAMOUS. But we want more power. More! MORE!

I received a lovely email last night from a strapping chap called Dan at Total Film, who informed me has been named as one of the 20 candidates for Best Overall Blog in the 2011 Total Film Movie Blog Awards. Obviously this is brilliant news, because we're up there with the best and the brightest (and I just wish I'd thought a little more about the three-word sell I gave them: "Small but dedicated" is what someone with a tiny wang would say on their online dating form.

Here's what I'm proposing. I'll drop to my knees and fellate every damn one of you if you head over to Total Film and vote for That's a promise: you know, the kind of which someone like David Cameron or Nick Clegg might make. Voting closes on Thursday 27th of January, so don't dick about. Go on, I'd do it for you.

Better do what the button says!

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