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Christian Bale

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Hey Christian Bale, would you say your performance in Exodus is OTT?

Posted by Ali Gray at 14:45 on 01 Oct 2014

Good to know, thanks dude! The new trailer for Ridley Scott's Exodus: Gods And Kings is below, with Welshman Christian Bale playing Egyptian prophet Moses and Australian Joel Edgerton as pharaoh Ramesses II. Oh Hollywood, how is it that this isn't even weird any more?

Exclusive Exodus set pic: Moses gets fly swat caught in hood

Posted by Ed Williamson at 15:45 on 10 Jul 2014
Exclusive Exodus set pic: Moses gets fly swat caught in hood
It is written that he later used the same fly swat to part the Red Sea. His horse continued not to give a fuck.

Review: American Hustle

Posted by Neil Alcock at 12:00 on 07 Dec 2013
American Hustle
American Hustle does not fuck about setting out its stall. Its first glorious image is of a pudgy Christian Bale in a bathroom mirror, his face sheltering beneath a jacked-up haystack of atrocious seventies hair, methodically and painstakingly attempting to sculpt his ludicrous combover into a presentable form. It's immediately hilarious and tragic, and tells us that what we're about to watch is concerned with appearances, deceit, aspiration, unfathomable fashion choices and hair. Lots of hair.

Anchorman meets American Hustle

Posted by Ali Gray at 17:00 on 04 Oct 2013
Anchorman meets American Hustle
What happens when the characters of David O Russell's American Hustle get friendly with the characters of Adam McKay's Anchorman universe? Answer: THIS HAPPENS.

Can't unsee Christian Bale's eye wart

Posted by Ali at 17:15 on 13 Mar 2013
Can't unsee Christian Bale's eye wart
How have I never noticed this before? Sooner or later that thing's going to come off in the cowl. Sorry I ruined Christian Bale's face for you.

You hear 'Christian Bale is making a Mount Everest movie', I hear...

Posted by Ali at 12:00 on 20 Feb 2013
You hear 'Christian Bale is making a Mount Everest movie', I hear...
So Christian Bale's new movie about climbing Mount Everest almost certainly won't see him heavily-armoured and fighting John Lithgow or Dan from Eastenders, but it should, obviously. (Story via Deadline).

Review: The Dark Knight Rises

Posted by Ali at 01:20 on 20 Jul 2012
The Dark Knight Rises
Me, I've always been a fan of Christopher Nolan more than I have Batman. Don't get me wrong, I was wowed by the reinvention of Batman Begins and the wallop of The Dark Knight, but I'll always choose the sleight-of-hand of The Prestige or the cerebral jolt of Inception given the choice. The Dark Knight Rises is a stunning piece of work, gigantic in scale with hugely ambitious themes, but Nolan's contribution to the Batman legacy – and indeed the superhero genre as a whole – is to make these films more about the men behind the masks than the heroes they portray: the guys who make the magic happen.

Is this the fastest anyone has ever said 'Rated PG-13' on film?

Posted by Ali at 22:50 on 10 Jul 2012

Short answer: yes. Full Dark Knight Rises TV spot here, Mr Fussy.

Sorry, this new TV spot for The Dark Knight Rises will have to do

Posted by Ali at 21:00 on 04 Jun 2012

It's only 30 seconds long, but we're all bloody knackered, okay?

EDIT: Never mind, I found a better one. Always working, me.

The Dark Knight Rises trailer, with no analysis or humourous comments

Posted by Ali at 21:39 on 19 Dec 2011
The Dark Knight Rises trailer, with no analysis or humourous comments
After the jump is the latest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, with absolutely no insight or humourous comment attached. Just the trailer and a few words either side. It's really good. You should watch it.
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