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  • Wolverine to fight world's crappiest ninjas in his new movie

    Movie Feature | Ali | 27th March 2013

    Maybe stick to the shadows when it's snowing, you guys. First Wolverine trailers after the jump.

  • Les Misérables

    Movie Review | Ali | 10th January 2013

    Let me tell you straight off, I'm not really a 'theatre person'. I'm exactly the sort of philistine who would probably walk out of a matinee showing of The Mousetrap at The Windmill if the concessions stand was closed. The last thing I saw in a theatre was Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. The time before that was The Woman In Black, but only because I knew it was considered exciting enough to be made into a film. The time before that was probably Garfield: Live!, although to my credit, I was about six at the time (even so, I still remember being terrified of Garfield's perennially glassy, non-blinking eyes and fixed, rictus grin. Maybe I caught him on a Monday).

  • Boy, The Wolverine sure sounds fun

    Movie News | Ali | 9th January 2013

    "An old friendship puts the story in motion. What brings [Wolverine] there is an old ally in Japan. We find Logan in a moment of tremendous disillusionment. We find him estranged. One of the models I used working on the film was The Outlaw Josey Wales. You find Logan and his love is gone, his mentors are gone, many of his friends are gone, his own sense of purpose – what am I doing, why do I bother – and his exhaustion is high. He has lived a long time, and he's tired. He's tired of the pain." - Director James Mangold

    Oh. Goody. (Interview via EW).

  • Um, careful with your adamantium claws there, Wolfie...

    Movie News | Luke | 14th December 2012

    Click image to view larger

    Friday fun! See if you can spot the phallic imagery in this new international poster for The Wolverine. (via IMP Awards)

  • Five things I bet you missed in the first picture from The Wolverine

    Movie Feature | Ali | 26th September 2012

    We've all seen the first picture from The Wolverine, showing a shirtless Hugh Jackman - or should that be Huge Jacked Man? - flexing the shit out of his muscles. But did you notice these five details? I bet you didn't, because I just made them up.

  • Tuesday LOL: Russell Crowe has a wang on his hat

    Movie News | Ali | 29th May 2012

    Russ in Les Mis, looking well mis. (Courtesy of USA Today)

  • Anne Hathaway to Les it up?

    Movie News | Luke | 3rd September 2011

    Don't worry, you haven't accidentally stumbled onto The Daily Sport website. We're dedicated to bringing you the finest movie news and reviews. Here's something about a stage musical.

  • Robo-tard trailer clash: Transformers 3 versus Real Steel

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 9th December 2010

    If you got an inexplicable hard-on while watching Robot Wars as a child, chances are you're due a big, fat, rubbery one any second now: trailers for both Transformers: The Dark Of The Moon and Real Steel have arrived.

  • D-MONEY talks The Wolverine

    Movie News | Ali | 22nd November 2010

    Director and full-time gangsta Darren Aronofsky has been chatting about his vision for The Wolverine, the not-sequel to last summer's side-burned turd that'll apparently be a standalone movie. Player!

  • Hugh Jackman... more like Huge Jazz Hands fnar fnar

    Movie News | Luke | 3rd November 2010

    After his star turn hosting last year's all-singing, all-dancing Oscars, Aussie beefcake and all-round nice guy Hugh Jackman is set to appear in a Broadway musical based on the life - and presumably the magic - of Harry Houdini.