Roland Emmerich

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  • Awesome new 2012 posters

    Movie News | Ali | 29th August 2009

    Want to see shit get fucked up on a scale even bigger than Transformers 2? You've come to the right year, my friend.

  • 10,000 B.C.

    Movie Review | Ali | 12th March 2008

    Roland Emmerich is not a man best known for subtlety. He is, to put it crudely, best known for fucking shit up. The so-called master of disaster, Emmerich's movies are so big, dumb and stupid, no one else can touch him - his name on a movie's poster still holds weight due to his stellar work on Independence Day, although his God...

  • The Day After Tomorrow

    Movie Review | Ali | 6th September 2004

    Whether he wants to admit it or not, Roland Emmerich is fast becoming known as the 'Master of Disaster'. With titles like Independence Day and Godzilla under his belt, Emmerich is showing no signs of satisfaction and craves yet more destruction of major cities around the world (showing a particular dislike for New York). Howev...