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  • Black Mass

    Movie Review | Ed Williamson | 4th December 2015

    There are a couple of premises on which Black Mass relies in lieu of a unique selling point. One is the idea, mainly established by marketing over the years, that a radical physical transformation for a role equals a daring and probably great performance. The other is that the audience's familiarity with the structure of the real-life gangster movie is enough to justify doing it all over again. Both are fallacies, and neither is enough to make it sparkle.

  • Right At Your Door

    Movie Review | Dave | 17th September 2006

    The low-budget thriller has been making quite a comeback in recent years, from Eli Roth's splatter-fests, to the more naturalistic chillers that take their cue from the last five years' worth of news reports. Writer/director Chris Gorak's debut feature belongs firmly in the latter camp. The movie begins on a suburban morning...

  • A Scanner Darkly

    Movie Review | Mark | 8th September 2006

    Hollywood loves Dick, and that's a fact. Philip K. Dick, that is: whenever the powers that be require a sound sci-fi brain scratcher, they turn to the pages of special K. The man behind Total Recall, Minority Report and the more than slightly less impressive Paycheck, Phil is the go-to guy for short tales of paranoia, future d...