Another Tron trailer: collect 'em all for the whole movie


9th November 2010

Another day, another piece of Tron marketing. Come back tomorrow when we'll act out the script live and give one lucky reader a flicker book of the entire film made up of all the stills that have been released so far.

So here we have a new trailer for Tron Legacy, which is a vast improvement on previous footage in that it looks truly epic and shows off some supercool moments with the lightcycle and frisbee-thing. It is, however, a huge failure in other ways - we are finally seeing Young CGI Jeff Bridges in all his glory...and he looks fake. REALLY fake. Like, he's-gonna-scare-kids-and-make-them-cry fake.

Also, while I'm happy to keep posting Tron stuff because I think it looks awesome, I don't need to go in with a list of trailer-shown set-pieces to count through. Ah, to go back to the days when most of this film was still shrouded in mystery. Is it too soon to look forward to the sequel?

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