I Love You Phillip Morris trailer


15th January 2010

New trailer for Jim Carrey's hom-con-com looks one part Dirty Rotten Scoundrels to two parts Brokeback Mountain.

Delayed just long enough to distance itself from bromance I Love You, Man and, um, straightcom I Love You, Beth Cooper, I Love You Phillip Morris will now be distributed in February in the US, but is still without a UK release date. Worry not, because here's the latest trailer to whet your appetite.

The plot is thus: Jim Carrey plays a conman named Steven Russell, who winds up in jail for insurance fraud, where he embraces his homosexuality and meets Ewan McGregor's Phillip Morris, his soulmate. When Morris is released, Russell attempts all sorts of elaborate jailbreaks to be with his true love. Well, it's certainly a bit more challenging than 'man cannot tell a lie' or 'man says yes to everything'. Anyway, The Rock has been living out the plot to that movie for years now.

I love Carrey, both as a slapstick performer (love that cooking oil slip) and a straight-up comedic actor, and this looks like providing him with a rare opportunity to both act the goof and show off his acting chops. It's a shame he has to share the screen with That Bloke From The Orange Ads. Actual quote from my better half: "Is he actually an actor then? Because I thought he was just a twat."

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