Killers trailer aka Two Lousy Shitheads In A Hitman Comedy


11th February 2010

Who needs Mr. And Mrs. Smith when you've got Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher? I literally couldn't have screen-capped this any better. "DURRRRR!" I hope she blows her own head off.

There was news last week of a plan to reboot Mr. & Mrs. Smith with a young and sexy cast, renaming it Mr. & Mrs. Jones. Hollywood, you've done it again! Today, the trailer for Killers was released, which sees Ashton Kutcher play a hitman and Katherine Heigl his girlfriend. Burn, you other guys! Sick burn!

Killers instantly looks like the worst movie ever made. Heigl has managed to piss away any good will earned from Knocked Up in record time, while Ashton Kutcher was recently voted Biggest Douchebag In The Universe by this very sentence you're reading now. It literally took me two syllables to despise his character, same deal with Heigl. He's charming! She's ditsy! Maybe they'll have hateful, idiotic children for a sequel! You're welcome, Hollywood!

If you're wondering where all of this vitriol comes from, as it if wasn't already obvious, then Killers comes from director Robert Luketic, who not only directed cinematic shit-stain Legally Blonde, but also last year's The Ugly Truth, the most objectionable movie I've ever had the displeasure to sit through.

I'm not joking when I say I'd rather try and fuck a moving vehicle from a standing position than watch this movie. (*gives monitor the middle finger*)

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