Leaked Prometheus trailer bursts onto the internet


27th November 2011

Trailer for Ridley Scott's kinda sorta prequel to Alien leaks online, but who would - or indeed could - have done such a thing? Never fear, internet, we're on the case.

Here's the leaked trailer for Prometheus, which is causing sci-fi nerdlingers everywhere to pee their pants with delight. It'll most likely be taken down any minute now so watch it quick, and remember to squint because it's in super-blurrycam format. Although not too much or you'll look like a racist.

This is the point where I'd normally offer a sarcastic opinion, but it's just too hard to tell. Some of the footage is from Comic Con, a lot of it is new and the titles are definitely unfinished. I'm certain this is viral marketing to generate buzz for the real thing, though. The mouse cursor left in the middle of the screen is a little bit too staged - who wouldn't have moved that? Just call me Batman.

But if it is a genuine leak, who do you think would have gone out of their way to sabotage Ridley Scott's return to the Alien franchise? Did you spot the reflection of the person holding the camera? Computer: enhance!

Once an asshole, always an asshole.

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