Nine trailer #2 is musical


18th November 2009

Hugh Jackman just came in his pants.

When Jackman shrieked that the musical was "back, back baaaack!" at the Oscars earlier this year, most thought it was just an excuse for him to mince around on stage without being laughed at. But they were wrong: the musical is back and it's as fabulous as ever, as evidenced by this latest trailer for Rob Marshall's Nine.

This'll be your frontrunner for next year's Oscars, then. Take Oscar-winner Daniel Day-Lewis, one director of Oscar-winning musical Chicago, five Oscar-winning ladies (and a Black Eyed Pea) and make them dance to samba music from Ricky Martin's most wonderful dreams.

Kate Hudson's awful auto-tuned singing aside, Nine looks like it could be mildly pleasant yet utterly inoffensive viewing (much like Chicago, then) but any film with Daniel Day-Lewis has to be at least a little interesting.

A note to Nine's international marketers: the word 'Guido' probably doesn't conjure up the graceful image of music and dance that you'd necessarily want it to.

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