Ross From Friends directs Clive Owen in Generic Thriller #673


2nd August 2010

Here's a trailer from Trust, a cyber-thriller from 'director' David Schwimmer. (*sniggers*)

Poor David Schwimmer: he's going to be Ross Geller for life. While he tries his best to shake off his dorky TV persona, doing theatre and making films like Trust, starring our very own Clive Owen, all we can do is make fun. Shame on us. But hey, dude's Ross. No point trying to change history. It'd be like Matthew Perry trying to play the straight guy, or Matt LeBlanc... er, getting out of bed, I guess.

I'd be less inclined to poke fun if this didn't look like an entry into the World's Most Generic Thriller Festival (Clive Owen being the patron), complete with idiot rapey daughter and badass dad who absolutely won't stop until he's beaten every internet user to death in vengeance. And yes, since you asked, that is a map with a big red dot beeping on it.

Prove me wrong, Ross. Prove me wrong.

Could there BE any more clichés? Wait, that's the other one

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