Sex And The City 2 poster: Carrie on sucking


10th December 2009

New poster for Sex And The City 2 confirms all male fears: this film is definitely happening.

Here's the thing, right. I understand that not every film released is to my tastes. Kids movies are for little people, chick flicks are for people with less chromosomes than me, Saw movies are for psychotics and Fast And The Furious movies are for retards.

But how come everything that isn't to my taste, apparently sucks? Could it be? Could it be that I am the most refined, cultured, educated gentleman in all the land? It's really the only explanation. (*swirls cane*)

So this is happening. Sex And The City 2. A sequel to one of the worst films ever made. Despite half of humanity desperately hoping it wouldn't happen. You've done it again, Hollywood! Here's the synopsis:

"Carrie and Big waah waah waah marriage waah waah Jimmy Choos, while Miranda waah waah lesbian affair waah waah waah redhead. Samantha blah blah slut, blah blah blah cougar blah AIDS. Waah waah and the other one."
I don't even want to think about how much R&D went into deciding exactly what Sarah Jessica Parker should be wearing in the poster, only for SATC's dedicated fashion squad to decide on a plain white dress. It's credit crunch couture, you guys! (*highs fives and Appletinis*)

Click for the full-size poster

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