The Other Guys teaser trailer


10th April 2010

Whaddya know? Will Ferrell still makes comedies! Even stranger, this one actually looks funny! Here's your first look at The Other Guys, the buddy cop comedy from Anchorman director Adam McKay.

Even though Adam McKay's partnership with Will Ferrell has reaped diminishing returns ever since Anchorman - in the form of Talladega Nights and Step Brothers - this teaser trailer for The Other Guys does at least make me think that it might stop the slump that Ferrell's suddenly in. Land Of The Lost? Semi-Pro? The Goods? Ugh.

And while people might keep pestering him about returning to Ron Burgundy in Anchorman 2, I'm happy to see him try and play different characters and to get away from that cocky asshole persona he's perfected so well - frankly, I always prefer Will Ferrell as an idiot. Though that might be difficult playing opposite Mark Wahlberg. I kid, I kid.

Happily, this trailer's laugh count almost hit double digits (the cup of coffee slayed me) and the cast, including Samuel L Jackson, Dwayne Johnson and Steve Coogan, all look pretty solid. At the very least, Mark Wahlberg keeps his shirt on - always a bonus.

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