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  • In The Loop

    Movie Review | Ali | 19th April 2009

    In the same way that rock stars watch This Is Spinal Tap and cringe at the accuracy, so must politicians gaze into the mirror of The Thick Of It and recognise elements of the ridiculous that seem all too familiar. Not seen Armando Ianucci's sublime political satire? Click here, wait 1-2 days for delivery and come back smiling af...

  • Top 20 Movie Insults Part II

    Movie Feature | Ali | 5th February 2009

    The last movie insults article we posted turned out to be our most popular ever - read it here - so it seems like there's something in this verbal beatdown thing. After trawling the sassiest corners of the internet and subjecting ourselves to torrents of cinematic bitch-slaps, we proudly present 20 more movie insults, each one g...

  • Top 20 Movie Insults

    Movie Feature | Ali | 22nd June 2007

    Hollywood is a vicious place: if you don't have a pointed tongue and a wit to match that of Oscar Wilde, you might as well have 'DUNCE' tattooed on your forehead. Selecting the very best movie insults was an arduous task as there's simply so many to consider. What makes a great movie insult? Swearing will bump you up a few no...