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  • Guess the Shia LaBeouf film from the #AllMyMovies screengrab

    Movie Feature | Matt Looker | 11th November 2015

    Infamous philoso-raptor Shia LaBeouf has an all-new performance project that will make you think like you have never thunk before. Get ready to have your mind bashed in with Shia's art truth!

  • San Andreas

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 27th May 2015

    The modern disaster movie is at an impasse, and no amount of hurling Dwayne Johnson at it will succeed. There isn't a disaster you can think of - whether it's from the pit of the Earth or the darkest realms of outer space - that can't be rendered by a room-full of under-fed, under-paid GFX nerds in California. The only limit, therefore, is imagination, and sadly, San Andreas is a movie that's barely capable of coherent or rational thought. Director Brad Peyton borrows a series of second-hand set-pieces from the Roland Emmerich playbook; with buildings collapsing left, right and centre, San Andreas doesn't so much evoke powerful 9/11 imagery as it recalls entire sequences from other, better movies.

  • Top 20 movies of 2013

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray, Neil Alcock, Matt Looker, Luke Whiston, Ed Williamson | 30th December 2013

    The X Factor is finished. Santa has well and truly jogged on. The sight of mince pies makes you feel physically sick. There is nothing left to do in 2013 except indulge in pointless end-of-year lists like this one. You might as well get comfy. And get yourself a mince pie.

  • There's a new #1 on my Most Wanted Korean Gorilla Baseball Movies list

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 4th July 2013

    That said, I'm eagerly anticipating the Hollywood remake, starring Vince Vaughn as the gorilla. (Source: reddit).

  • Top 20 movies of 2012

    Movie Feature | Ali, Matt, Luke, Ed, Rob | 31st December 2012

    2012! The Jubilee! The Olympics! Barack Obama was re-elected! What a year! Also some films came out, and some of them were quite good, which is why we're here.

  • This is honestly what thinks the Lincoln poster is saying

    Movie News | Ali | 23rd August 2012

    The first poster for Steven Spielberg's inevitably weighty Honest Abe biopic Lincoln has surfaced, and it already has a lot of American websites saluting a sunset and wiping away their tears with golden eagle feathers.

  • Step Up 4: Miami Heat

    Movie Review | Rob | 9th August 2012

    For a guy with little interest in 'street performance art' or whatever the hell it's called, it's astonishing that I've seen all three Step Up movies, StreetDance 2 and the original Footloose. It also means that I'm probably the site's most qualified writer to tackle this dance-friendly fourquel. I have no idea how this has happened. I CAN'T EVEN DANCE!

  • StreetDance 2

    Movie Review | Rob | 30th March 2012

    A couple of years back I reviewed Step Up 3D and surprised even myself by awarding it three stars, claiming that it delivered on its promises, namely impressive dance moves and some superb 3D. Yeah, the acting was atrocious and the plot non-existent. But still! DANCING! StreetDance 2 - the follow-up no one asked for to 2010's StreetDance 3D - doesn't get off quite so lightly. The inexcusable choice to make 'Street Dance' one word angers me, and that's only start of the problems.

  • Top 20 movies of 2011

    Movie Feature | Ali, Matt, Luke, Anna, Ed | 28th December 2011

    One year. 12 months. About 30 weeks or something. Quite a few films. It's been the best 2011 since time began, and the following 20 films are officially - or as official as something can be when presented by someone with no authority - our favourite movies of the year. Hop on board our time machine and revisit the 20 greatest films of 2011! [Time machine may just be an old chair and mostly metaphorical in nature - Ed.]

  • New weekly Twitter giveaway: Win a movie t-shirt from

    Movie Competition | Ali | 24th October 2011

    As if reading about what I'm having for lunch and seeing my threatening tweets to celebrities wasn't reason enough to follow us on Twitter, we've now set up a new weekly competition, in which you can win a free movie-related T-shirt from the fine folks at