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  • Saturday Playlist: Henry Jackman

    Movie Feature | Neil Alcock | 2nd November 2013

    With the first trailer for X-Men: Days Of Future Past curling out onto the internets this week, it seemed like as good a time as any to celebrate the music of that film's prequel's score's composer, right? I mean when else are we gonna celebrate Henry Jackman? Apart from, say, the other week when Captain Phillips came out and he did the score for that. Sure, that would have been more appropriate, but also too obvious, and that's definitely why I didn't put this playlist together two weeks ago when we were desperate for something to put on the site. And not because I was having a marathon Doctor Who catch-up.

  • Kick-Ass 2

    Movie Review | Ali | 15th August 2013

    Remember the key word of superhero sequel The Dark Knight? Escalation. Christopher Nolan took the events of Batman Begins and used them as a foundation for the mayhem to come: how would Bruce Wayne's actions in the first movie affect the world in which he lived? Well, Kick-Ass 2 takes exactly the same approach by expanding its world, but somehow manages to feel smaller and less impressive as a result.

  • Plotting a graph on the effectiveness of 2013's villainous names

    Movie Feature | Ali | 14th August 2013

    The year in movies has been a let-down in more ways than one so far, but the biggest disappointment is the quality of the names of 2013's villains. Whatever happened to good old-fashioned evil names like Vorgon The Destroyer or Sir Killalot? Nowadays, movie villains have names like Keith and Chris and Alan. What the hell is happening?

  • Daily Mail writer claims he was bullied over Kick-Ass review

    Movie News | Ali | 29th April 2010

    Chris Tookey, the Daily Mail reviewer who called Kick-Ass "evil" and said of Hit-Girl "Paedophiles will adore her", has claimed he's fallen foul of an "internet hate mob". Actual quote: "Waah waah waah."

  • Kick-Ass

    Movie Review | Ali | 2nd April 2010

    It's evil. It's twisted. It revels in the abuse of children. But enough about The Daily Mail. Kick-Ass is finally here, and I'm glad to report it's an absolute pleasure to watch; an orgiastic marriage of superhero action and teen comedy that manages to be exciting, funny and, above all, original. It's a tabloid-worthy clich�, but it happens to be true in this case: you have never seen a movie like Kick-Ass.

  • Daily Mail reviews "evil" Kick-Ass, provides unintentional comedy gold

    Movie Feature | Ali | 2nd April 2010

    As if you needed another recommendation to go and see it, The Daily Mail's film reviewer Chris Tookey awarded Kick-Ass one star, labelled it "a crime against cinema" and then went on a mad rant about child porn.

  • Kick-Ass red-band trailer #2

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 21st February 2010

    This makes it about nine trailers and counting for Matthew Vaughn's superhero odyssey, but we're not complaining: not when they feature scenes of Nicolas Cage wearing make-up.

  • International red-band Kick-Ass trailer

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 2nd February 2010

    Hell to the yes. Have your ass kicked by the new Kick-Ass red-band trailer. More fighting! More little kids swearing! More Nic Cage! Pleasure overload!

  • Another reason I heart Nic Cage

    Movie News | Ali | 27th January 2010

    How do I love this mad bastard? Let me count the ways.

  • Kick-Ass red-band trailer: meet Hit-Girl

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 23rd December 2009

    This naughty new Kick-Ass trailer is so good, I've already forgotten every other movie that's coming out next summer.