5 brilliant new plot ideas for Pirates Of The Caribbean 5


15th July 2011

So Johnny Depp is in talks to play Jack Sparrow once again for more hijinks on the high-seas, but what could possibly be in store for Pirates Of The Caribbean next? Let's dredge the bottom of the barrel!

It's fair to say that Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides was rather underwhelming, so here are a few ideas that could get Jack Sparrow back to his swashbuckling best. Call us, Jerry Bruckheimer!
Jack Sparrow has a new nemesis

Seriously, would you trust this man?
Jack Sparrow is reunited with his estranged mother

And she's available!
Jack Sparrow is cursed to live under the sea

"One word: synergy." A Disney executive, yesterday.
Jack Sparrow finds out he has a son

No no no no no no no!
Jack Sparrow meets Jaws

He's gonna need a bigger boat.

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