Oh hey look, I made a Spotify playlist for The Rules Of Attraction!

Ali Gray

19th March 2014

What a coincidence! A playlist of songs from The Rules Of Attraction, a film which I happen to be screening in May at The Prince Charles Cinema! Will there be a link to buy tickets after the jump? Find out, after the jump!

Prepare to change the way you feel about Robin Thicke (for three minutes and 37 seconds). I've selected the best tracks from Roger Avary's Bret Easton Ellis's James Van Der Beek's The Rules Of Attraction and it's guaranteed to get you in a party mood. Blurred lines? The only lines at this party are lines of people DANCING! Not line dancing, just dancing in a line. Also lines of drugs. And maybe lines for the toilet (to do drugs in).

A reminder: come and see The Rules Of Attraction with us at The Prince Charles Cinema on thursday 15th May at 8.30pm. Tickets are on sale now here and cost just £7.50 or £5 for members. I've figured out what the 'fun' part of the evening will entail, and trust me: there will be laughter, embarrassment, red cups and lots of gifs.

More details on our screening of The Rules Of Attraction here. Don't worry, there won't really be drugs. Just sweets that look like drugs.

It's okay, you can go back to hating Robin Thicke now.

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