DC comics to become films in new 'great idea' shocker


7th October 2009

DC Entertainment is all set to get serious about films, deciding to push on with previously stalled projects of favourite characters. In other news, Stan Lee has worked out how much change he'd have left if he bought the planet Earth.

When it comes to the time-honoured fanboy debate of 'Marvel vs DC', no one can argue against Marvel's superior film success. Even as the quality has dwindled since, say, the first Spider-Man and X-Men movies, interest in seeing the live-action costumed freaks has never waned.

By comparison, we've heard very little from DC. Yes, yes, The Dark Knight was the mother of all comic-book films and Watchmen was a decent adaptation, but where are the other heroes?

But now that The Green Lantern is well and truly, er, greenlit, DC Entertainment are reportedly turning their attentions to the stuck-in-development-for flippin'-ages Wonder Woman and Flash films.

I have to admit, I never really 'got' DC characters. Flash just runs fast, doesn't he? And Wonder Woman wears next to nothing and brandishes a whip? I have internet porn for that.

Still, count me in - I am the biggest sucker for comic-book films. I'll happily sit through any CGI crap if there's an ordinary guy with extraordinary powers at the heart of it - I'll even sit through repeat viewings of Daredevil.

DC has a lot of catching up to do to match the success of its comic rivals though. I mean, Marvel is about to actually remake its own films - in the race for box office hits, this means DC has already been lapped.

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