Johnny Depp in talks for Pay-raise 5


6th July 2011

In news that will surprise precisely nobody, it's been reported that Johnny Depp is in talks to reprise Jack Sparrow for a fifth Pirates Of The Caribbean movie. Because artistic integrity.

So, Pirates 5. Give a shit? Thought not. Speaking as someone who still hasn't seen Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, I've read enough 'dull & crossbones' puns to know that Jack Sparrow didn't exactly excel himself on his last adventure.

Reports, which are too dull/spurious to even hot-link, suggest that J-Depz is already in preliminary talks to return for a fifth movie, titled Pirates Of The Caribbean: It's All About The Benjamins. Terry Rossio, who has worked on all four of the previous Pirates adventures, is allegedly 'hard' at 'work' on a 5irates script. Here's something to get you started, Terry:


Swashbuckling is a billion-dollar empire these days, and Depp - who has reportedly made around $350 million from the four Pirates movies - is the kind of guy you can't stay mad at. Knowing him, he's already spent his wages on children's hospitals and clowns for cancer wards.

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