Alpha Papa

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  • Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

    Movie Review | Ali | 5th August 2013

    Steve Coogan has been Being Alan Partridge for over 20 years. Over two decades, Norwich's finest broadcaster has read the sport on Radio 2, manned the sports desk on The Day Today, transferred his skill-set to chat in his very own talk show, traded his fame for a sitcom in a travel tavern and broadcast his unique stylings ("equidistant between chit-chat and analysis" - Ross Kemp) on the world wide web. Now, Alan Partridge is welcomed to big school: his very own feature film. Alpha Papa is clearly not the best fit for a character for whom even the small screen is too big, but it is as funny as the format allows. For a character who has survived 20 years on every broadcasting medium under the sun, it's a remarkable feat that Partridge has never outstayed his welcome.

  • Poor old Ben Stiller didn't get invited to the Alpha Papa screening

    Movie Feature | Matt | 3rd August 2013

    And he is DESPERATE to see it too. That's totally unfair, you guys.

  • The posters for the Alan Partridge movie titles that could have been

    Movie Feature | Matt, Ali | 18th March 2013

    A-ha! The long-awaited film featuring North Norfolk Digital's finest chatistician finally has a teaser trailer, and already we have reason to dust off our Photoshop and Google Alan Partridge's best poses. Hoorah for funny stuff!