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  • Review: John Wick: Chapter 3 is a war on the senses - and on the balls

    Movie Review | Becky Suter | 17th May 2019

    We all know there are six basic story types: the fall, the fall then rise, the rise then fall, the rise from nothing, mismatched buddy cops, and stop that wedding. The third installment of the John Wick franchise delivers a seventh - the fall then rise then kick you in the bollocks, go to Casablanca, rise, then literal fall. The film's subtitle, Parabellum, translates to "prepare for war" - in this case a war on limbs, vital bodily organs, and your ability to stomach extreme violence, so you can't say it didn't warn you.

  • Sing your fool head off with Smash

    TV Video | Ed Williamson | 19th January 2012

    "Smash!" said Steven Spielberg to me, getting all up in my grill, a little unnecessarily. "SMASH!" If I'm honest I hadn't the foggiest what he was on about at the time, but it actually makes sense with hindsight.