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  • Haywire

    Movie Review | Ali | 6th January 2012

    Honestly, I question whether anyone involved is really taking Haywire completely seriously. This is Steven Soderbergh in experimentation mode; an auteur director making a stripped-down, amped-up action movie, just to see if he can. It features a stellar cast, all of whom are slumming it to some degree, except of course for MMA fighter and lead actress Gina Carano, whose best is – in the nicest way possible – still some way beneath everyone else's. I'd recommend you approach Haywire with a similar air of detachment – expect nothing less than a slick, short, snappy revenge flick and you won't be disappointed.

  • Antonio Banderas really loves the pussy

    Movie News | Luke | 12th October 2011

    I tried to resist it, honest! But when else will there ever be such a perfect opportunity to realise Banderas' love of cats and my love of dirty jokes in one vulgar headline? Good morning, by the way.

  • The Skin I Live In

    Movie Review | Matt | 23rd August 2011

    The chances are that anything you already know about The Skin I Live In actually amounts to very little. "Twisty", "psychological", "a bit of a headfuck"… does that sound about right? Well, yes to all of the above, and the reason you don't know any more is because this film involves a serious, changes-everything table-turn just after the midway point, which means I can't say much about the plot that doesn't run the risk of unleashing a major spoil. (*grits teeth*) Great.

  • Haywire trailer: Steven Soderbergh's MMA movie (seriously)

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 23rd July 2011

    Famed indie auteur Steven Soderbergh must have got tired of thinking outside the box and fighting the system, because he's directed an action movie starring a female MMA fighter. I can't decide whether it looks amazing or like something Steven Seagal would pass on.