Ben Whishaw

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  • LFF 2015: The Lobster

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 16th October 2015

    It should probably come as no surprise that it takes a film so hilariously absurd and so utterly surreal to provide what is actually very insightful commentary about the nature of everyday relationships. Sure, this is a film where people are threatened with animal transformation, where people hunt each other in the woods and where, at one point, Colin Farrell tries to take off his trousers while having one hand shackled to his belt, but this film exposes more home truths than a shelf full of self-help books. And it may all seem like ludicrous nonsense on the surface, but what it has to say about love, fidelity and dependency is more revealing than anything Farrell wears under his kecks.

  • Congratulations Ben Whishaw on being the new voice of Paddington!

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 18th July 2014

    #CreepyPaddington has a new creepy voice thanks to Colin Firth's replacement, Perfume star Ben Whishaw. Once he smells that marmalade, he will kill each and every one of you to get it. (HT @NevPierce).

  • The Hour: not a prequel to The Hours, it turns out

    TV Video | Ed Williamson | 1st July 2011

    Nothing to do with Open All Hours either, it says here.