Captain Phillips

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  • Saturday Playlist: Henry Jackman

    Movie Feature | Neil Alcock | 2nd November 2013

    With the first trailer for X-Men: Days Of Future Past curling out onto the internets this week, it seemed like as good a time as any to celebrate the music of that film's prequel's score's composer, right? I mean when else are we gonna celebrate Henry Jackman? Apart from, say, the other week when Captain Phillips came out and he did the score for that. Sure, that would have been more appropriate, but also too obvious, and that's definitely why I didn't put this playlist together two weeks ago when we were desperate for something to put on the site. And not because I was having a marathon Doctor Who catch-up.

  • #LFF2013: Captain Phillips

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 20th October 2013

    It’s got awards buzz written all over it. It’s based on a true story with all the focus on one man, played with complete conviction by a two-time Oscar winner. It’s a gripping, compelling, terrifyingly tense drama delivering complete authenticity and utmost sincerity. Welcome to Hanks! In An Adventure With Pirates!

  • If ITV ran Hollywood

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 14th October 2013

    Don't fuck with The Schofield. He's the ITV equivalent of Steven Seagal: "I'm just a daytime TV presenter..."

  • The 2013 London Film Festival is about to get all up in your grill

    Movie Feature | Neil, Ali, Matt, Ed, Rob | 4th September 2013

    The full programme for the 2013 London Film Festival was revealed this morning to an Odeon Leicester Square packed full of critics, journos and bloggers so corpulent from all the free chocolate and pastry dished out that the entire front wall of the cinema had to be removed for us to exit. Then the whole building collapsed and exploded and a giant sexy alien came out of it and ate Mark Kermode. All right it didn't, but if it had it still wouldn't have been as exciting as the line-up of movies just announced.

  • Notorious photobomber returns for Captain Phillips poster

    Movie Feature | Matt | 27th July 2013

    Oh noes, not this guy again!