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Posted by Luke at 22:47 on 07 Jan 2013

Just when you'd given up on seeing a film starring Rob Schneider, Lindsay Lohan and Adrien Brody, along comes InAPPropriate Comedy. Directed by the ShamWow! guy, no less! It's literally a comedy for our ages because the word 'app' is capitalised in the title! 2013 is shaping up to be a vintage year for cinema, guys! I have no opinion either way on Michelle Rodriguez.

"I challenge you to a beat-off!"

Posted by Ali at 14:00 on 18 Feb 2012
"I challenge you to a beat-off!"
Check out the trailer for The FP, a post-apocalyptic videogame dance-off thriller, which makes Hobo With A Shotgun look like a documentary, and features "bitch" as the insult of choice. Is this real life?

Review: Cyrus

Posted by James at 22:58 on 15 Sep 2010
Appearances can be deceiving. Take Cyrus, the latest comedy from writer/director pairing Jay and Mark Duplass. Certainly, if one were to gaze upon its theatrical poster a number of seemingly telling points stand out; John C. Reilly smirking like a bemused bulldog, Marisa Tomei's alluring half-smile and Jonah Hill's cold, reptilian eyes piercing through your soul. Fox Searchlight seem to want this film to resemble another Apatow-esque comedy conflict, a first impression which is entirely erroneous; Cyrus is, in fact, a slow, sincere film more interested in characters and relationships than timed pratfalls - arguably to its detriment.

Review: Bunny And The Bull

Posted by Ali at 16:16 on 27 Nov 2009
Bunny And The Bull
Sex with dogs. Giant stuffed bears. Crab racing. Bulls made of shopping trolleys. Sucking milk from the teats of puppies. On the one hand, Google-bait for an avalanche of weirdos; on the other, just a few of the oddities to be found in Bunny And The Bull, a bizarre road movie from director Paul King, the visualist behind cult UK comedy The Mighty Boosh. Needless to say, like drinking dog milk, it's not for everyone.

Review: Couples Retreat

Posted by Matt at 22:42 on 15 Oct 2009
Couples Retreat
It's been 13 years since Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn first showed us the "money" in Swingers, and each collaboration in the meantime hasn't quite measured up to that exceptional debut. Can Couples Retreat finally live up to expectations? Unfortunately, no - it's good, but it's not on the money.

Review: The Invention Of Lying

Posted by Ali at 16:24 on 27 Sep 2009
The Invention Of Lying
Ricky Gervais went about making his way in Hollywood the right way. He refused to appear in Any Old Comedy and stated he was looking to build a long-term career in movies - he wasn't just out to make a quick buck. Of course, all that went out the window when he called so-so supernatural comedy Ghost Town, "One of the best scripts I've ever read," then shopped himself around town in a series of cameos for best friends Ben Stiller and Christopher Guest. Hardly the hard graft he spoke of.

Review: Adventureland

Posted by Matt at 12:55 on 13 Sep 2009
Chances are, you had a crap job when you were younger. One where you resented every second you had to stack a shelf or greet a customer, but one where you had good friends, bad relationships and as many laughs as you had woes. Looking back now, it probably seems like a wonderfully complicated time. Welcome to Adventureland.

Review: The Ugly Truth

Posted by Ali at 20:15 on 02 Aug 2009
The Ugly Truth
Put down that well-thumbed copy of Cosmo, gentlemen: here we have a rom-com that finally promises to preach 'the truth' about love. Thank goodness! It's a well-known fact that, until Richard Curtis invented the romantic comedy, men and women didn't have the first clue how to pro-create - they basically just walked around with th...

Review: The Proposal

Posted by Rich at 12:31 on 27 Jul 2009
The Proposal
The Proposal is a strange film. It's exactly what you'd expect of an update to Gérard Depardieu's Green Card and yet for every occasion when it complies with one of the inevitable clichés demanded by its genre, there's a moment of subtle character development that implies that its creators really should be producing a stronger p...

Spinal Tap: One Night Only World Tour

Posted by Emma at 20:10 on 20 Jul 2009
Spinal Tap: One Night Only World Tour
Wembley Arena is no stranger to comedy. Rob Newman and David Baddiel made history by playing the venue 15 years earlier (despite not being on speaking terms), since when it's been a beacon for stand-ups with a bestselling DVD in mind. Its musical heritage is obviously in little doubt, so it's the perfect place for comic rockers ...
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