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  • Crazy Heart

    Movie Review | Darren | 9th March 2010

    "I used to be somebody, now I am somebody else" sings Bad Blake, Jeff Bridges' veteran country singer, through liquor-hardened vocals. He used to be a highly regarded country star, but his crumbling career has turned him into a hard luck story more akin to blues music than country: he's tired, broke, an alcoholic and down on his luck. Blake's star has dimmed to a status that his agent can only use to illuminate such small-time venues as bowling alleys, where he reluctantly plays to a handful of loyal fans.

  • Crazy Heart trailer hits all the right notes

    Movie Trailer | Matt | 17th November 2009

    The Dude is getting all up in everyone's Oscar predictions this week now that the trailer for his new flick Crazy Heart has hit the web. The film sees him play a down-on-his-luck country singer who tries to rediscover his former glory. Think The Wrestler with guitars and snakeskin boots.