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Review: An Education

Posted by Anna at 23:10 on 28 Oct 2009
An Education
When we meet Jenny (Carey Mulligan), she lives a regimented existence of Latin homework and lectures from her father (Alfred Molina) about the importance of getting the grades to make it to Oxford University. This is 1960s Britain and the education Jenny and her peers receive shows them how to bake cakes and walk in a straight line with a book balanced on their heads.

Review: The Soloist

Posted by Matt at 23:15 on 24 Sep 2009
The Soloist
Mental illness? Homelessness? A man battling all odds to express his extraordinary gift? Based on a true story? Yes, it's 'Oscar Winning by Numbers' and it comes from a bunch of people who are already familiar with the golden baldie, so it's kind of a shoo-in for the Academy Awards.

Review: Fish Tank

Posted by Steven at 19:29 on 11 Sep 2009
Fish Tank
As the summer closes its doors on blockbuster season, at last we can look forward to the smaller and more intelligent films that the year has to offer. With the award circuits casting their eyes on the wealth of talent on and behind the screen, what better place to start than with Andrea Arnold's Fish Tank.

Review: Dorian Gray

Posted by Matt at 21:53 on 10 Sep 2009
Dorian Gray
When Oscar Wilde wasn't declaring his own genius, others did it for him. They still do; the catalogue of his works is considered essential for literary study. What's surprising then about this big screen adaptation of his only novel, A Picture of Dorian Gray, is the liberty taken with the source material.

Review: Funny People

Posted by Ali at 23:52 on 26 Aug 2009
Funny People
I'll make no bones about it: I'm a huge Judd Apatow fan. I count The 40 Year-Old Virgin as one of the most underrated comedies of the past decade (there's just something about this scene that slays me every time) and consider Knocked Up to be a near faultless comedy - one that wears its heart on its big dumb soppy sleeve.

Review: Moon

Posted by Ali at 20:39 on 15 Jul 2009
Considering that Neil Armstrong's giant leap for mankind ranks as one of the most recent triumphs in the grand scheme of human exploration, it's a little odd that science-fiction has never really landed on the Moon. A case of 'been there, done that', perhaps? Maybe Apollo 11 robbed the Moon of its mystery. But given that every h...

Review: Public Enemies

Posted by Ali at 00:01 on 29 Jun 2009
Public Enemies
On paper, this movie has it all. A credit crunch-defying story about renegades sticking it to the money men. A mouth-watering A-list face-off between two of the coolest bastards on the planet. A director who couldn't direct a shitty shoot-out if Michael Bay had him at gun-point. Why, then, does it feel so lacking? Despite all th...

Review: Looking For Eric

Posted by Anna at 19:41 on 16 Jun 2009
Looking For Eric
You wouldn't usually associate Ken Loach with the word 'heart-warming'. Heart-wrenching is more his thing. Along with Mike Leigh, Loach leads the way in gritty, depressing British cinema, but then Leigh went and surprised us all with the release of last year's Happy-Go-Lucky, an endearing film about an unflappable optimist. Now ...

Review: Synecdoche, New York

Posted by Anna at 19:29 on 25 May 2009
Synecdoche, New York
The mind of Charlie Kaufman is a baffling place, as anyone who has seen Being John Malkovich, Adaptation or Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind will know. This is Kaufman's first time in the director's chair; he also wrote and produced the film. Much like the scene in Being John Malkovich with dozens of Malkovichs about the pl...

Review: Angels & Demons

Posted by Ali at 17:56 on 06 May 2009
Angels & Demons
Tom Hanks adopts his serious face: "I need to get to a library... fast!" Never has one line damned a film so completely. The book might have sold 83 billion copies, but The Da Vinci Code movie was turgid, self-important and - oddly, for a movie about the lineage of Jesus Christ - terminally dull. I'm happy to report, t...
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