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Review: The Family

Posted by Ali Gray at 23:00 on 24 Nov 2013
The Family
Those awful people that weren't born until the nineties, or God forbid, the 'noughties' - what must they make of a man like Robert De Niro? Because even though you can buy his DVDs at your local newsagent and go online to download literally any movie he ever made in seconds flat, surely it's only fair to judge an actor on his recent output: say, from the last 20 years. De Niro has earned his right to be less choosy, obviously, and I'm not about to shit on the likes of Raging Bull, Goodfellas and The Deer Hunter, but The Family isn't so much indicative of a career slump as it is the kind of painfully average movie that makes you realise he's completely stopped caring.

Review: Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

Posted by Ali at 00:39 on 04 Jul 2009
Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
First, an admission: I've not read the Harry Potter books. Go ahead: take me out back and shoot me. I've seen the films and enjoyed them as passing distractions, but never felt obliged to comment, given that they're so clearly aimed at the hardcore fans - trying to review them would be like pretending to support a football team ...

Review: Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs

Posted by Steven at 23:43 on 01 Jul 2009
Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs
The first Ice Age was one of the first indicators that Pixar had some serious contenders in the animation department. Ice Age: The Meltdown came along soon after and proved that the busybodies at Fox were still a threat with a much improved sequel. Now, the whole gang is back for a third instalment of the animated franchise, tak...

Review: Coraline

Posted by Ben at 14:25 on 07 May 2009
There's something deeply disturbing about button-eyes. Maybe it's the lack of reflection or emotion that leaves a certain 'deadness' about them. But if your Other Mother is more loving and attentive than your real mother, surely that's a good thing? Even if she has button eyes, right? Coraline (Fanning) is an adventurous but ...

Review: Monsters Vs Aliens

Posted by Kirsty at 22:58 on 21 Apr 2009
Monsters Vs Aliens
Like so many brides to be, Susan Murphy's wedding day consisted of getting up early to be faffed and fluffed over; sneaking off to see her groom before the ceremony; being squished by a quantonium-laden meteorite and subsequently transformed into a 49-and-a-half-foot government secret codenamed Ginormica. It's a timeless tale. ...

Review: Bolt

Posted by Ben at 20:25 on 02 Feb 2009
In recent years, there have been two types of animated movie released by Disney. You have the Pixar movies, loved by all and heralded as works of genius; think WALL-E, Finding Nemo and Toy Story. Then, on the other hand, you have the rest of the crap. Think that's unfair? I give you The Wild and Chicken Little. Bolt, coming from...

Review: Space Chimps

Posted by Rob at 00:53 on 09 Aug 2008
Space Chimps
In a computer-animated world where Pixar and Dreamworks are Kings, it can be tough for little guys like Vanguard Animation to get much of a look in. With the likes of WALL·E and Kung Fu Panda dominating the box office and holding parents to ransom over the school holidays, this cheap and charmless little film about monkeys in sp...

Review: Angus, Thongs And Perfect Snogging

Posted by Anna at 10:56 on 02 Aug 2008
Angus, Thongs And Perfect Snogging
Director Gurinder Chadha's success with Bend It Like Beckham and Bride And Prejudice rested on the juxtaposition of frivolous rom-com gloss with a serious undertone of class and racial tensions. Angus, Thongs And Perfect Snogging sadly is just the rom-com gloss. Whereas Chadha's previous films have held an appeal across age grou...

Review: Mamma Mia!

Posted by Ali at 10:57 on 21 Jul 2008
Mamma Mia!
If the words 'ABBA medley' conjure up images of Alan Partridge Aha-ing his way through an ill-advised TV duet, then this meticulously-crafted jukebox of disco hits might be enough to change your mind. Adapted from the stage musical - which has raked in over $2 billion in just under ten years - it's a winning mix of feel good flo...

Review: Kung Fu Panda

Posted by Rob at 15:04 on 06 Jul 2008
Kung Fu Panda
Dreamworks have always played second fiddle to the almighty Pixar, churning out mostly second-rate films when compared to the Nemos and Ratatouilles of the world. Kung Fu Panda, though, may just make Andrew Stanton and friends worry that they have some serious competition. It goes without saying that the visuals are astounding -...
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